Itahari, Nepal



First Solar Community Kitchen in Nepal

Two Solar Reflector Community Cookers (SRCC), type S300 Scheffler, named OSOW6 and OSOW7 were built at the Modern Preparatory Secondary Boarding School (MPSBS) in Itahari, Nepal, starting Nov. 2, 1998.

The kitchen building was constructed for two solar cooking places and two biogas installations. Since Jan. 9, 1999 the solar cookers have been in operation. The installation was undertaken by the group ULOG Holger Jahnke, Christine Lippold and Alec Gagneux, sponsered through EWL Wardenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences, FH O/O/W, Emden. In Ithahri, Nepal, Mr. Rajen Thapa, Principal of MPSBS, email: seema@ccsl.com.np, has been in charge of the project.

The two SRCC have a frame area of 9 m2 each and in the focus a temperature of 670oC was measured. On a 5 mm chapati plate with 410 mm diameter more than 400oC was measured. The power of the two solar reflectors is enough for about 200 people to get 2 meals and 2 times tea easily on a sunny day.


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The solar oven inside the kitchen house.

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